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Me and my son Augie
Me and my son Augie


Here you will find examples of my works (education articles and posts, philosophy and rhetoric papers, and music compositions). All of these interests I apply to my work in education.

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  • Teacher

I’m currently an English and Music Teacher at Falls Career High School in Marble Falls, TX. (You can check out a video made by my friends at OdysseyWare  highlighting my school here.)

  • Thinker

I’ve studied philosophy, rhetoric, and all things Ancient Greek for many years. I still enjoy these pursuits and integrate them into my classroom thoughts and practices.

For philosophy I always look to Aristotle (as Aquinas says, he is “The Philosopher”) but I also lean on Ayn Rand, JJ Gibson, Giambattista Vico, and really any ideas coming from Ancient Greece and the Enlightenment thinkers who use the word Reason with a capital R.

Rhetoric for me is really esthetics. I tried to study esthetics at school, but found the teachers weren’t discussing what I thought esthetics was. Luckily I found that they were discussing esthetics in the rhetoric department.

With rhetoric I usually look to the Ancient Greeks first, mainly Isocrates, Longinus, Aristotle, and the ancient Sophists. With some reservations I’ve found interesting things in modern thinkers too, like Kenneth Burke, Chaim Perelman, IA Richards, and my teacher at UT, Dr. Jeffrey Walker.

  • Musician

Interestingly I’ve always thought that the principles that make up a good lecture, good paper, good speech, good story, and a good piece of music (and even a good life) are pretty much the same. In the end, a composition is a composition. So in many ways, I see music as a natural part of my philosophical and educational studies. Plus, it’s just fun to play piano and write compositions.